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Main system workflow
Sign in or create a new account (Authors area)First step of every Author submitting the manuscript to Editors is creating an account. If Author already has an account he simply Signs in.
Add new manuscript 1/2 (Authors area) Authors add new manuscript and fill in all required fields (depending on what type of manuscript was chosen): title, type, authors (with institutions), abstract, keywords, author’s statement, cover letter, suggested reviewers, comment for Reviewers etc. Author also uploads the manuscript files: body (DOC, DOCX, RTF, PPT, PPTX) and optionally tables and figures. All required steps and fields are configured concerning the particular journal.
Add new manuscript 2/2 (Authors area) After filling in all article data Author may send the manuscript to Editors. If the manuscript doesn’t meet the formal requirements the submission is not possible. Author is informed which steps should be amended. Example of requirement: abstract minimal words count.
Editors receive the manuscript (Editors area) After receiving the manuscript Editors may:
- send it to Reviewers
- view the manuscript
- edit the manuscript
- make decision
- delete manuscript
Editors invite Reviewers to review the manuscript (Editors area) Editors select particular Reviewers and send them review invitations.
Reviewer sends review (Reviewers area) After accepting a review invitation Reviewer may download the full version of manuscript and send a review using the journal-specific reviewer’s form.
Reviewer also suggests the final decision for a particular manuscript; Reviewer may choose:
1. accept,
2. accept after minor changes,
3. rate once again after major changes,
4. reject.

Reviewer’s suggestion is not visible for Authors - it may only help Editors with making the final decision on the manuscript.
Editors make a decision on the manuscript (Editors area) Editors send a decision letter containing the reviews to the Author.
There are 4 possible decision types:
1. accept,
2. accept after minor changes,
3. rate once again after major changes,
4. reject.

1st and 4th decisions are the final decisions and they finish the manuscript workflow. In case of 2nd and 3rd decision the new version of manuscript is created in the system and Author is asked to revise the manuscript.
Editors can make a decision at any time. For example Editors can make a decision without sending the manuscript for a peer review.
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Editorial System is a very easy and user-friendly tool. It allows for fast submitting of a new paper by the Author, and fast processing of this paper by the Editor. What is more it has a few very useful solutions, which are not available in other online submission managers.
Prof. Maciej Banach
Archives of Medical Science
(IF = 2.807)
Editorial System creates a single PDF file containing all manuscript source files with lines numbering to simplify the reviewing process.
The system fully supports manuscripts' processing, including Section/Associate Editors and Managing Editors.
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